As a creator, how do you overcome “What if?”

Recently I was interviewed about being a director by the Superr app team where they asked me about my work. I told them this: I love how the Superr team captured my crazy while making it seem super artistic! The hardest part about being a photographer is not necessarily the photography itself, but more the freelance aspect of it. When you have nothing to do, being able to just go “breathR...

My First Spartan Race – The stuff you CAN’T Google

After my first Spartan Race in Mountain Creek Vernon NJ, “The Beast” I just had to tell people about my experience, from the search for the right attire to the experience I never could have predicted in a million years. When you finally shower and lay down in your warm bed you have a tiny moment of euphoria rush over you as you recall back to the hours before where you were fighting hy...

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