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The Neo II LED (with HSS Flash) by Rotolight: Does it just work?!

A first look at the Neo II by Rotolight!

iPhone X vs Sony A7R III Camera Showdown: There’s an app for that!

The Ultimate Showdown/Comparison between the Sony A7R iii and iPhone X cameras. A video that not only goes in depth on the comparison between the shots, but shows you some really in depth tricks on how to get the best out of the gear you own to tell your stories! Screw tech and specs, let’s talk real world use! So the real question for everyone is, what is your reason for not shooting your s...

iPhone X’s Notch is for more than an Animated Poop Animoji

The reviews are starting to come in on the iPhone X and there is something I have wanted to discuss: The front facing camera, and sensors built into the notch! These are for way more than just facial ID and animated poop animojis! When I first saw Apple’s keynote on the tech they had shoved into such a tiny package referred to as “The notch” or “the unibrow” on the iP...

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