Top 2 Youtube Gaming Channels With HIGH Quality Content that rival Netflix

There are two YouTube Channels that have provided me with hours of extremely entertaining content. Forget these YouTube Red “movies”, the community is really good at making their own amazing content if you know where to look! These rival most of the best Netflix binges I have done in the past! Here are our top two of the Month: #2 goes to Viva La Dirt LeagueA channel dedicated to Real ...

Why Ultima Online is STILL the best MMO

When I (legally) sold my Ultima Online accounts in 2000 for the hefty sum of $1800, the game was already three years old and being challenged by the likes of EverQuest andAsheron’s Call. I thought I was done forever. My guild was eyeing Dark Age of Camelot, and I wanted to cash out and rid myself of the chore of maintaining a dozen grandfathered houses on the dying half of a shard struggling...

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