The Neo II LED (with HSS Flash) by Rotolight: Does it just work?!

A first look at the Neo II by Rotolight!

iPhone X vs Sony A7R III Camera Showdown: There’s an app for that!

The Ultimate Showdown/Comparison between the Sony A7R iii and iPhone X cameras. A video that not only goes in depth on the comparison between the shots, but shows you some really in depth tricks on how to get the best out of the gear you own to tell your stories! Screw tech and specs, let’s talk real world use! So the real question for everyone is, what is your reason for not shooting your s...

As a creator, how do you overcome “What if?”

Recently I was interviewed about being a director by the Superr app team where they asked me about my work. I told them this: I love how the Superr team captured my crazy while making it seem super artistic! The hardest part about being a photographer is not necessarily the photography itself, but more the freelance aspect of it. When you have nothing to do, being able to just go “breathR...

My First Spartan Race – The stuff you CAN’T Google

After my first Spartan Race in Mountain Creek Vernon NJ, “The Beast” I just had to tell people about my experience, from the search for the right attire to the experience I never could have predicted in a million years. When you finally shower and lay down in your warm bed you have a tiny moment of euphoria rush over you as you recall back to the hours before where you were fighting hy...

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