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Top 2 Youtube Gaming Channels With HIGH Quality Content that rival Netflix

There are two YouTube Channels that have provided me with hours of extremely entertaining content. Forget these YouTube Red “movies”, the community is really good at making their own amazing content if you know where to look! These rival most of the best Netflix binges I have done in the past! Here are our top two of the Month: #2 goes to Viva La Dirt LeagueA channel dedicated to Real ...

Better than a Netflix Binge – Subnautica by NEEBS Gaming!

Neebs Gaming is from the creators of Battlefield Friends. They are voice actors and gamers with vibrant personalities. They usually play a game series and pretend that they are the characters in that world and explore it together. Subnautica takes this premise and goes so much further! The game is single player exploration/survival so in order to get the whole crew together one of the guys play th...

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