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    The Phone Camera or the Camera Phone?

    When cameras were first added to cell phones ~17 years ago (I feel old all of a sudden…) they were largely tools of convenience.  Certainly no serious photographers were getting ready to give up their carefully calibrated gear for them.  Not being a serious photographer myself, I don’t know if they ever will, but the cameras on cell phones have been getting better every year so maybe they will some day.  Is today that day?  Lets review the evidence!  If you’re particularly impressed with a picture you’ve taken on your phone post it here.

    No… not that picture, get your mind out of the gutter.

    I’m talking about pictures that really show off what your phone can do.  Lots of detail, clear action photos, good low-light shots you name it. Dont forget to mention what kind of a phone it is!

    To start us off, I recently took this on my Samsung Galaxy S8:

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    I think that photo is amazing, the fact that you were on a moving tractor, shooting into the sun and you STILL got so much detail and good blacks in every spot it counts is amazing. I have said this for awhile, once mobile photography just starts being called photography, we have made a new step and we are VERY close.

    I am terrible at landscapes so I will post some of my people photos.

    I have to share these three shots, unedited from my phone for the Dancers OF series I shoot using Portrait mode. It is amazing the textures and details!


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