“Standing in line” aka Brand Loyalty

Since the release of the first iPhone to the “smallest update” iPhone 4S, all the way to today with the iPhone X there have been people camping outside apple stores weeks in advance! This is not only to secure their spot as FIRST to get their new device, but also a communal activity. The urban camping of the 21st century. Disney was one of the first to capitalized on this well, they know they have...

Shooting 4K of NYC on iPhone hanging out of a HELICOPTER!

Tristan Pope Photography took to the skies over NYC with the iPhone 6S + to get some of the first 4K aerial footage via an amazing company called #FlyNyon. They fly open door helicopters directly over some of the most amazing sights NYC has to offer, deemed as “the Ultimate Photo Experience”. And it truly is! See what it is like to #FlyNyon and how our different gear holds up against the extreme c...

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