Why can’t all Emojis be created EQUAL?!

Why the hell can’t I be confident in my emoji being represented the way I see it on my device when sent to a different device?! Imagine if a heart emoji sent from one person’s device showed up on the recipient’s app as a pile of poo. It’d be social suicide(first world problems). That doesn’t happen because emoji are standardized by Unicode to prevent such cross-platfo...

Blub Blub

Goldfish are evil… You win them at carnivals, not by choice but because the 2 year old standing next to you is give you the poor defenseless eyes of I REALLY REALLY want a fish look, I will care for it and love it and feed it and love you for getting it for them… WRONG, NOPE, DEFINITELY NOT IT! Soooo you win the fish… Now it starts… You carry this dumb plastic bag around th...

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