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The Neo II LED (with HSS Flash) by Rotolight: Does it just work?!

A first look at the Neo II by Rotolight!

The Most Expensive 1400$ Coffee: Amazon Scam

Today I experienced something on Amazon I didn’t think would ever actually happen. I purchased the most expensive coffee of my life! Sure we hear horror stories and rumors. But to have it happen to you. Well that is a different feeling indeed. Once that needed a video! Thank you for being so amazing in this situation!



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The Rokinon(Samyang) 35mm 1.4 AF for Sony FE mounts: Too good to be true? Turns out it was.

Before I begin my “review” of the Rokinon / Samyang 35mm 1.4, I want to tell you: I am not a technical guy. I don’t quantify myself by pixels, sensor size, camera attachments, or any other techno mumble jumble. I am all about “Does it Work!” To me that is absolutely the most important thing about technology these days. Sure I know my shit. But I also don’t care ...

iPhone X vs Sony A7R III Camera Showdown: There’s an app for that!

The Ultimate Showdown/Comparison between the Sony A7R iii and iPhone X cameras. A video that not only goes in depth on the comparison between the shots, but shows you some really in depth tricks on how to get the best out of the gear you own to tell your stories! Screw tech and specs, let’s talk real world use! So the real question for everyone is, what is your reason for not shooting your s...


I have been running the same setup for hand held camera support systems for a few years now. I figured, hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. To me it is extremely important to have a hand strap for my camera, I rarely have the “Canon Strap” around my neck and have very steady hands so I just need something to attach that camera to my hand without any fear o...

Being Yourself is “OK”Cupid

How do you get the exposure to an online dating profile in a sea of hundreds of thousands without sacrificing integrity and a sense of self? When my dad met his wife via online dating there was a much smaller pool of people who knew what online dating was. Now it is normal for a profile to start with “My friend made me make this profile” Or “I figured, since so many of my friends use this,  I woul...

AnyTrans Review – Get those Custom Ringtones Back!

AnyTrans The One-Stop Solution as an iTunes Alternative What iMobie AnyTrans is When it comes to iTunes alternatives, iMobie AnyTrans is the best program out there. Simply but, just like iTunes this program focuses on iOS file management and supports all of the standard iOS file types (such as audio files, video files, eBooks, apps and app data, contact information and messages, and much more), an...

Why the poor vote for the rich

If you ever wondered why the poor will vote for the rich. JuanPa on twitter summed it up perfectly. Poverty is “shameful”. Capitalism and America promise you “One day you will be rich, this is temporary.” Your cubicle is not a set back but a right of passage! Your debt is not a burden but a badge of honor! Your struggles are not forever, if you just work within the system! ...

As a creator, how do you overcome “What if?”

Recently I was interviewed about being a director by the Superr app team where they asked me about my work. I told them this: I love how the Superr team captured my crazy while making it seem super artistic! The hardest part about being a photographer is not necessarily the photography itself, but more the freelance aspect of it. When you have nothing to do, being able to just go “breathR...

A TAB Member Razulian has gotten into the Guinness World Records!

One of our youngest members(not so young anymore) has gotten into the Guinness World Records. Back when we had an age limit to membership he qiggled his way past our requirements with his awesome wit and intelligence. Well looks like that is paying off in real life and we are REALLY proud of him. Check out his accomplishment below: Many gamer’s dreams may have just come true thanks to Ilhan Ünal &...

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